Welcome to Yoda's homepage. Here you can read a little about his life, his health and records, results and progeny and look at photos. Happy journey !



Yoda is my third Groenendael. We brought him from Carin and Anders Lyrholm when he was 8 weeks old. He was the largest puppy in the litter and he was pretty independent even then.

He got his name from my boyfriend Uffe, who is a Star Wars fan. You, who have seen the movies, surely know who the little green fellow is. (Thereof the layout of this page.)

Already, as a puppy, Yoda was very easy to teach and feared nothing. He loves everything that is alive; dogs, birds, his buddy Zizco (our Iguana), cats and horses.

I work as a salesman and travel a lot. He is always with me and he loves to go by car. If he can't go he becomes very unhappy.

In the spring 2008, Yoda and I went for a training course in searching and after that we train once a'week. He thinks it's great fun and is really good to find the assistants. We went for a course in obedience in 2007 as well. He knows the parts in working class first level but he needs to mature before we are ready to compete. He is too unconcentrated when it's dogs around. He is also a good tracker.

He made an ability test for the military home guard. All different parts; patroling, shooting and handling went well but when he was tied up alone in the woods he just couldn't be quiet. He never barks normally but maybe we should have train this befor the test.

In September 2008 we will take a chanterelle searchin course in Härjedalen.

Yoda in three words: Forward, Attentive, Happy !




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