Anton holds a scorpio
in the Malaysian djungle
  Anton, Niklas and Tobias
in Malaysia 2007
  The iguana Zisco


The family remains of me, Carola Sandberg, my son Anton, my cohabit Uffe and his two sons Niklas and Tobias. Also of Yoda, who this page is more or less about and our green Iguana, Zisco.

Anton and I comes from Hudiksvall and moved to Sundsvall in year 2000. Vi live in a house in BergsÃ¥ker by the racetrack (even though I'm allergic to horses). Anton goes to school in Hudiksvall so we go to and from the week he stays with us. I work as a salesman for "Svenska Spel" and visit sports associations. 

I always had a dog when I was a child. My first two dogs was Golden Retrievers, who I trained and compete in obedience with. When I was 19 I took a instructor's course in Eskilstuna under Anders Hallgren and Eva Bodfeldt. After that I hold private courses in obedience when I met a Tervueren who was due to be put to sleep. I liked him very much so I tried to take care of him. Everything went well and he became a wonderful dog but unfortunately he didn't go along with my Golden male. His former owner took him back and he lived for many years more.

In the beginning av the 90'th I had two Groenendael bitches on breeding terms but in the spring 1997 Anton got an huge allergic reaction and we had to place our two dogs. After that we had no dog for 9 years. When we were (almost) sure that the allergy had grown away, we got this wonderful dog who has everything a Belgian Shepherd is supposed to have.

 Many thanks to Carin and Anders who bred this great guy ! ! !